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Solar Torch

A Recycling Project with Lipos and a solarcell :)


1 x cell of an old lipo ( size doesn't matter ;) )
1 x TP4056 LiPo Controller (about 5 Euros)
2 x BC 548
1 x LDR (light dependece resistor)
2 x LED (more if you want - but keep in mind that the BC doesn't do much current)
1 x Resistor 15k
1 x Resistor 47 Ohm
1 x Solar Panel ( about 7 Euros each)

please forgive me for linking amazon articles ... you can ,of course order them where ever you want. Its just an suggestion and I don't make any money out of it.


How does it work ?

As long as there is enough sunlight the resistor R3 will make sure that the transistor Q1 doesn't trigger Q2. As soon as the sun goes down the resistance increases and Q1 triggers Q2.
The LED wills start shining :) thats about it.