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This is my baking website :)

You will find some hints how to bake
- rolls <-- klick me
- Beer Bread :) <-- klick me

How to bake rolls:


- 25g yeast
- 400g flour
- 260 ml water
- 1 spoon of Salt ( less or more as u like it)

How to prepare:

1. Take warm water of the tab

2. put the yeast into the warm water

3. add salt to it

4. mix the soup :)

5. add the soup to 400g flour

6. form it the way you want it (we prefer a ofen form)

6. put it in the ofen at 30 deg. Celcius for 1 hour – let it rest there

7. after 1 hour rise the temperatur to 200 degress celcius

8. wait about 20 minutes to have fresh rolls :)

How to bake a beer bread:


- 700g flour
- 170 ml water
- 1 bottle of German beer (330ml - and yes it needs to be German ;) )
- 1 spoon of Salt ( less or more as u like it)
- 1 spoon honey or sugar
- 30g yeast

How to prepare:

1. Get water from the tab (170ml)

2. Put the beer into the same jar

3. Add honey to it

4. Put the soup into the mirco wave to warm it up. Don't cook it. It needs to be hand warm.

5. Add the yeast to it

6. Now add wheat to the soup and mix it

7. Once mixed let it rest for 60 minutes in a warm environment (f.e. ofen at 30 deg celcius)

8. Take it out the bowl and knead it again

9. Let it rest for 45 minutes (form it already the way u want to it look like or put it in a form)

10. The bred should now be twice the size :)

11. Increase the temperatur to 200 degress celcius and wait about 30 minutes.

Fertig :)