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A Rock 64 :) "Entschleunigung :)"

I apologize for using the German word "entschleunigung". It basically means to slow down and was used a lot to describe to process of slowing down to relax or better : to "unstress".

Hardware :

  • A RockPro64 with 4GB Ram

  • A 120 GB Emmc module

  • A wireless and bluetooth module

  • A 32 GB SD Card (since I forgot to order the USB / eMMC adapter)

  • A 5A power supply

Software to get it going:

Things that work :

Email - Sylpheed or Thunderbird works fine !
True-/Veracrypt - Just remember to click "do not use kernel cryptographic service
Office - Libre Office is usable
WebDevelopment - Bluefish
Browsing - Mozilla Firefox/Chromium
PGP - Works fine with seahorse
SIP Client – Ekiga ! A beautiful piece of software !

08.12.2019 – Update :
Spotify – Workarround available with

15.12.2019 – Update :
Amazon Video and Netflix works !!!!! Jjust use the script provided by ayufun (its part of the image ( and it copies the required libs. Thank you ayufun ! Unfortunately the video acceleration still doesn’t work …. I am working on that one too.

Things that don't work:

Netflix - DRM problems. Kodi version 18 might be able to fix that. Still waiting for an update.
Spotify - Same as above
Amazon Video - .... same problem

Apart from the fact that I would love to have Spotify and Netflix it works quite well and I really can't see the point why to wate 650 W compared to 20 W if you can actually do the same thing :)
Let me know if you want to know anything specific.