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A Micro-Drone called "Lilbee"

Components used
Engines:EMax RS1106 / 6000kV
Batteries:2s 600 mAh
3s 600 mAh
Flight Controller:EMAX F3 Mini Tower (inkl. ESC)
Props:3040 3 Blade from EMax
Camera:TBS Mirco Cam
Sender:25 mW TBS Racing Band 5.8 GHz
Frame:Epoxy PBC base material 1.6mm

Weight:83g without batteries
Flight time:approx 5 min

Where to get them ? Well .... ist your friend (since I don't want to favour

So how do we start to build a drone ?

Piece of a cake. Put all 4 propellers on a sheet of paper messure what distance needs to be between the center of the propellers.
Make sure there is enough space between the blades (no touching pls). For performance reasons I would recommend you to add another half propeller
diameter to the distance.
Once you are done with it draw a frame onto the paper and transfer it to the PCB (epoxy base mat.).
In the end you may get something like this.

Tipp: Some things you may consider drawing the frame: Where do I put my receiver / VTx / FC ?
Once you decided where to put things on your frame and or what your new bumblebee shall look like
we cut (saw) it out of the PBC.

Tip:Drilling holes is much easier before cutting the frame out. Make sure you have all the
distances and diameters needed and place them carefully.
Next step is to paint and preassemble you frame. Make sure that all holes are drilled. It su*** to suddenly realize
you forgot to drill a hole and you have already soldered everthing together. The assembled f(r)ame may look like
the one to the left.

Once you tested the frame go ahead attach everthing to the frame and start soldering. I would recommend you not to exeed 350 Deg Celcius
soldering temperatur. You may go up the 400 in case you have big ground pads to solder but don't heat them up for tho long
otherwise you will fry the board.

Soldering done ? Everthing connected ?
You might want to :
  • Check your VTx ( NEVER WITHOUT ANTENNA !!!!!!)
  • Check engine directions (before mount the propellers)
  • make sure all screws are tied
  • Have fun during your first test flight (propellers mounted ;) ).
In case you have questions or recommondations regarding this side or this projcet don't
hesitate to send me an email( or contact me via xmpp (

There is also a video from my first test flight at vimeo :) .... Check it out - >>>Click here (new frame)<<<<

If you find any spelling errors and grammatic error you may keep them ... I dont need them :))

No copyright on pictures, nor on the side. If you copy anything it would be nice to mention my name or side :) ....